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A crucial skill

Camera Confidence

We work remotely.

So much of our daily work is now done on camera, down the lens.


Meetings, interviews, client consultations, 1-1 catch-ups, virtual coffees, networking, social media content, pitches, presentations.

But nobody teaches us how to present and talk to a camera. 

The most talented and adept professionals can lose their footing, stumble, appear awkward or nervous, or fail to deliver their message effectively simply because their on-screen presence lets them down.

Becoming more proficient at engaging on camera, delivering with confidence, and perfecting your setup can be game changing for your business and results.

How can I help you?

As a former broadcast journalist, I have worked in front of the camera for many years. I trained at one of the top universities for broadcast journalism and worked in national newsrooms in the UK and Australia.

Now, with my experience in remote work and homeworking, I help you prepare and present on camera so that you can attend video calls, host webinars, record social media content, pitch and interview, deliver presentations, and facilitate virtual meetings with confidence.

In this masterclass I will give you some insider tips and plenty of practical advice to help you elevate your on-screen presence and results.

In this masterclass

• How to prepare for any presentation.

• The angles, lighting, and background you need to elevate your presence.

• Tips to perform confidently when speaking on camera.

• How to establish a connection with your audience.

• How to come across naturally and authentically.

• The apps and technology to enhance your engagement.

Don't take my word for it...



I must admit that ahead of this course I thought I was quite good when it comes to presenting, but Louise's masterclass forced me to reconsider this assumption. Following the class I reorganised my home office to support my online presence. This class has made such a difference to my virtual style. Thanks Louise.

– Agile Consultant & Team Coach


The camera confidence masterclass gave me a little boost in confidence on the spot as I realised that I was happy with some aspects of my set-up. But Louise also shared lots of tips on presenting that will help me feel so much more confident than ever when appearing on camera. We also discussed how to practice ahead of a presentation and how much, covering the difference between being prepared and over rehearsing. The best part of the masterclass was that Louise was demonstrating everything she was saying as she was saying it! I learnt a lot from watching how Louise presented so confidently and comfortably on screen.

– Translator


 Having delivered several webinars and wanting to get better, I attended Louise's session on presenting. I learned so much from how we look, what angles are best, and what not to do. For me, this was a real eye-opener. Thank you so much and I highly recommend this to everyone who ever has to present either virtually, or in person.

– Leadership Consultant & Career Coach


Become clear, confident and engaging when presenting to camera.


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