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Bouncing back: How to rebuild confidence after a setback

graphic illustration showing a woman rebuilding confidence while two other women struggle in the background

Setbacks are not fun. Although a very natural experience as life fluctuates and we will have good days and bad days, when you work alone, setbacks can hit you that little bit harder. Without the buffer of colleagues around us, supporting us to shake off or even laugh off an unfortunate setback, we can end up endlessly turning it over in our mind and the impact can be a lasting dent in our confidence. 

However, setbacks do not need to impact on us longer term. They should operate as moments in time that we can potentially learn, grow and then move on from. All of which is fine in theory, but how do we rebuild our confidence when we’ve faced a set back? 




A column by Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald

Our brains are skewed to see the negative as they continually scan for threat which is useful for keeping us alive, but it means we can struggle to see the positives especially during challenges. Your past successes can act as your very own cheerleader reminding you of how awesome you really are.

Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald

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