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Beyond Hybrid: What will the future of work look like?

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We look at:

  • What futurists regard as the future of work beyond simple flexible and hybrid working
  • Stability, freedom and the rise of the side hustle
  • Becoming mutable as a business
  • The digital divide and coping with the rise in automation
  • The skills shifts required
  • People, space and place: the workforce, wellbeing and environment

This is from our feature article on The Future of Work, which you can find in volume 3 of our print issues and issue 12 of our digital editions (our full library of back issues is available as part of our digital subscription or they can be purchased individually).

Future Vision

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Sergio Afonso employed a team of 25 all based in their London office. Until that point, none of the employees at Absolute Translations had worked from home but Afonso has now ditched the office entirely. Instead, he is redirecting the budget for office rent into work retreats across Europe to bring his now remote team together. The international adventures are at the forefront of his plans for the new working environment. 

“Historically, Absolute Translations have enjoyed Christmas parties abroad, from places such as Copenhagen to Morocco. This was a great opportunity for team building and provided me with the idea to execute this more… This will boost team morale whilst showcasing the Absolute Translations brand. Imagine one month visiting the team in Paris and the next Turkey – it’s much better than dreary daily commutes on a rainy morning.”

He is not alone in making big changes to the way his team works and his business operates. 

“Whatever our experiences, we have all been changed, so it is unlikely that any of us can, or maybe want to, revert back to life before the pandemic,” says Sarah Roxborough, HR consultant at Forward Thinking HR.

The global pandemic has shaken up the workplace. After more than a year of lockdowns and restrictions, what the future of work looks like is beginning to come into view. While we don’t yet fully understand how things will change longterm, the shift to remote working is an opportunity to reimagine a newer, smarter way of working.

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ariadna de raadt / Shutterstock

Future Ideal

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