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Bespoke home office desk: Interview with Morph Furniture

Bespoke wooden desk in black by Morph Furniture

The onset of the global pandemic and millions of us working from home provided the catalyst for Jarome Warrilow to pivot his business and, importantly for him, come up with an idea that would keep his staff employed. The answer was a bespoke home office desk that could be tailored to any space.

Traditionally a bespoke joinery manufacturer, his company make high-end display furniture for retail and airport departure lounges – two areas hit hard with the outbreak of Covid-19.

They were left wondering how to make use of their facilities and software and the answer came to them when trying to help their clients working from home.

“Lots of our clients had this problem of working from the kitchen table and not having a very good setup. Lots of friends had the same problem so we decided to create this homeworking desk,” Jarome says.

“What I wanted to do was marry the fact that we are a good furniture manufacturer with the fact that we have the 3D capabilities and all the machinery in the factories.”

bespoke home office desk

The bespoke home office desk

Morph Furniture was born in the summer of 2020 with their first product being a desk for homeworkers. “Using the software allows you to make it truly bespoke… If you’ve got a corner under the stairs or next to a chimney breast or a bedroom with a corner you’re not using, you can have a desk to fit.”

They use a process called 3D parametric modelling, an intelligent software that can automatically adapt according to the different dimensions needed. Essentially, it allows them to easily create different versions of the desk, according to the different measurements and configurations required by the customer.

Bespoke really does mean you get a desk designed your way. You can choose the exact depth from 60 cm to 75 cm and exact width from 80 cm for a single-person desk all the way up to 180 cm, which could fit two people. You can select from different colours and functional add-ons such as storage, back boards, and monitor stands.

Sustainability and future-proofing

They chose a durable birch plywood to build the desk which also comes in a range of finishes including a smart oak veneer. For the surface, there are a range colour options from a neutral white or black to a fire engine red or even a canary yellow.

bespoke desk fro working from home by Morph Furniture
Birch plywood desk made to measure

Jarome notes that from a sustainability point of view, the materials are fully recyclable and they have included clever detailing that allows you to add any customisations at a later date.

“We have tried to build some intelligence into the desk so we can also invent new accessories for it in the future,” he says. “It’s giving somebody something a bit different that is personal to them.”

For a made to order, bespoke home office desk, Morph Furniture have created something which will save you time hunting for the perfect size. With this one, you know it is going to fit.

Morph Furniture: morphfurniture.co.uk

Instagram: @morphfurniture.co.uk

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