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Benefits of a Standing Desk: Review of Opløft by Posturite

benefits of a standing desk by The Homeworker - review of Oploft sit-stand desk by Posturite

What is one of the main challenges of working from home? Spending hours sitting at the desk without getting up, taking breaks and moving enough. That’s why we’re looking at the benefits of a standing desk and in particular, reviewing Posturite’s Opløft sit-stand platform.

The temptation to stay chained to the desk happens because there’s always something to do and we need to develop the habit of stopping and changing positions. Sitting slouched over a computer screen for hours is not only bad for your posture and wellbeing, but it also has knock-on effects for your productivity and ultimately can cause longterm aches, pains and injuries.

One of the main benefits of working from home? Being able to tailor your workspace to suit you. Investing in the correct furniture and products that will help prevent pain, improve your productivity and increase your creativity and focus.

Benefits of a standing desk

louise goss posturite oploft standing desk review for the Homeworker
Trialling Posturite’s Opløft standing desk

One item which has become much more common in the home office is the standing desk. They allow you to work comfortably while standing, something recommended by health professionals to cut down on our sedentary lifestyles. In fact, standing to work is one suggestion to help reduce the risk of weight gain, obesity, diabetes and even increase our longevity.

By standing or just changing position, we’re preventing the slouched, constricted posture that sitting at a computer can exacerbate — impeding our digestion, circulation and leading to musculoskeletal problems and fatigue.

The other benefits of a standing desk include boosting our creativity. It is not just down to changing our position or perspective. Standing up for periods allows us to take on a wider posture. Studies have shown an expansive, upright posture makes us feel more powerful, which can have a direct impact on our feelings and behaviour. Other studies, as published by Psychological Science, show how these postures increase our appetite for risk, can allow us to be more innovative and decreases levels of the stress hormone, Cortisol.

For more on body language, power posing and the effects of our verbal and non-verbal communication, read issue 3 of The Homeworker magazine.

What to look for in a standing desk

When looking for a standing desk, there are a few considerations. The cost will obviously play a factor depending on your budget but you also want to know you’re getting value for your money as cheap can sometimes prove a false economy.

  • Versatility and adjustability: Does it offer enough height variations and is it possible to use both sitting and standing or just standing?
  • Durability: How sturdy is the desk and how much weight can it bear? Are you able to use it as a proper desk or will it only take a laptop? Is this going to last the throes of home life as well as office life?
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to adjust the height? Does it have lots of extra features that are either unnecessary or too complex to be used regularly? Are the instructions clear and can you change your position quickly and efficiently?
  • Size: Depending on where in the home you work, you want a desk that doesn’t look too out of place or that is too imposing in a room that has multiple uses.
The Homeworker editor, Louise Goss sitting at Oploft sit-stand desk
The Homeworker review: Opløft Sit-Stand platform

Review of the Posturite Opløft Sit-Stand platform

The Opløft by Posturite is a desk that you can place on top of your own home desk but which conveniently converts into a standing desk by raising the platform.

Read about how to work ergonomically in issue 5 of The Homeworker magazine.

I was fortunate to receive this from Posturite for a no-obligation review but I like to share anything that could be useful to homeworkers so here are my thoughts.

the homeworker magazine, review of The Opløft desk. Lowered position
The Opløft desk lowered


The great thing about the Opløft is its slimline appearance. It’s possible to place on top of your own desk and use as normal with a chair without any problems.

When you need to change and stand, you can do this easily, and I love this two-in-one option which makes this a very versatile choice.

Weighing in at 12kg, The Opløft is possible to transport. Being portable, it gives you more flexibility as to where you work and means you can switch your location and position when it suits.

I did find it a bit heavy to manoeuvre on my own, although not impossible. I would want to keep it on my desk most of the time but having the option to move it is really useful and certainly proves more versatile than a standard standing desk.

The Opløft sit stand desk by Posturite place on home office desk:  review by The Homeworker magazine
The Opløft desk sits on your usual desk in your home office.


The first thing that I noticed was how well this desk is put together. I have come across a few that although cheap, are flimsy. Opløft is sturdy and robust; you’re not scared that it’s going to collapse when you place your laptop or even a computer monitor on it.

It has a wide, stable base and the mechanism to raise and lower the platform is really smooth, no clunkiness or creaking. Overall, it’s a durable and well-built platform that maintains stability at all height levels.

(It’s advised that the weight capacity is max. 12kg.)

Posturit'es Opløft sit-stand desk raised
The Opløft sit-stand platform raised


One of the benefits of a standing desk is that they are adjustable to cater to different people and different working positions. With just two levers, you can adjust the Opløft height easily. The mechanism is smooth and it is easy to stop and click into place when you’ve reached your desired height. There are 14 height settings in total giving you a range of options that will cater to your needs.

Louise Goss using the Opløft sit-stand platform by Posturite
Louise Goss using the Opløft sit-stand platform by Posturite

Size and appearance

Opløft’s Scandinavian aesthetic would sit happily in most work environments. It’s a clean, white, minimalist platform that is perfectly slimline, not too intrusive and easy to store flat if you needed to take it off your desk.

The flat surface area is 78 cm x 60 cm. This is large enough to place your computer or laptop plus a few other desk essentials. It does mean it’s not suited to a very small desk or if you’re using something very slimline such as a console table.

The Opløft by Posturite ticks all the boxes when it comes to a versatile, sit-stand desk that is both practical and robust and also minimalistic in design and made from quality materials.


For more features on ergonomics and setting up your home workspace, check out The Homeworker print magazines or a digital subscription.

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Louise is an award-winning journalist and speaker who focuses on working from home, remote work and wellbeing. She is the founder of  The Homeworker, which is dedicated to helping you thrive when you work from home. The Homeworker publishes articles that are designed to keep you healthy, happy, fulfilled, and more productive in work and life.



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