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•Setting up your ergonomic home workspace

•Managing your money as a freelancer

•Tax and accounting advice (Making Tax Digital)

•Quick home office workouts

•Healthy conversations with colleagues and family members

•Overcoming imposter syndrome and your inner critic

•Tips on how to use social media, PR, branding and storytelling for your business

• Unleashing your creative potential

•Productivity tips include: 

– how to organise your workspace, managing your to-do list, systems to clear the paper clutter, setting effective goals.

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The complete set of back issues from 2019-2021.

Each issue focuses on our main pillars of productivity, mindset, wellbeing, business, and workspace.

You will get:

• New beginnings: an overall look at working from home well

• Money: finances and your own worth and money mindset

• Communication: the art of doing it well with others, your family, colleagues, and yourself

• Creativity: unleash your creative potential

• 2020 vision: goal-setting, wellbeing kickstart, and leading yourself

• Flex: How the world changed in 2020 and an overall look at remote working

• Breathe: A focus on wellbeing, connection, and looking after yourself

• Sustainability: saving money, the planet, and sustaining focus and a positive mindset

• Joy: How to find it and incorporate it in your daily work life

• Balance: Work-life balance and other balancing acts from negotiation to perfectionism

• Reinvention: How the world is changing and how to adapt yourself (new format – read in browser)

• Future: The what, where, how and who of future working (new format – read in browser)

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•Please note when purchasing back issues, some of the discounts inside may have expired.

Issue 10: The Balance Issue

Issue 10: The Balance Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How to strike a better work-life balance

• The delicate balance of negotiation – how to ask for a pay rise and get one

• Creating a more balanced home workspace

• Experts discuss how we navigate work life after lockdown

•  How technology is taking over and how we strike the right balance

• How to stop perfectionism destroying your happiness but still maintain high standards

• The art of time blocking and how to become more productive


Issue 11: The Reinvention Issue

Issue 11: The Reinvention Issue

*NEW DIGITAL FORMAT* Read in browser

• The neuroscience of habits and why our brains need them

• The threat of email anxiety and rise of email apnoea

• The Homeworkers: Who are the modern-day homeworkers and how have they fared over the pandemic?

• Out of office: the business reinventing co-working

• Pilates stretches to ease desk posture

• Workspace: Meet the lady who works from a tent

• The power of singing and how homeworkers can benefit


Issue 12: The Future Issue

The Homeworker magazine issue 12 cover
Issue 12: The Future Issue

*NEW DIGITAL FORMAT* Read in browser

• The future of work: How will you work, where will you work, what skills will you need? A fascinating look at a possible future that goes beyond hybrid.

• Unlock your future performance by gaining a real understanding of your purpose

• How to write emails that get opened, get read, and get results!

• Future-proof your health with simple ways to fit in fitness

• Future homes: An interior designer talks us through future trends for our home offices

• How to make the most coworking

• Unique ways to switch off from a day working at home


Issue 07: The Breathe Issue

The Homeworker Magazine Breathe issue cover
Issue 7: The Breathe Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• The science of better breathing to aid performance and wellbeing

• How to spot the signs of poor mental health when working remotely

• Menopause: Why we all need to be aware of the symptoms and how hormones affect women at work

• How music can impact your productivity and what you should be listening to when working at home

• Zoom Fatigue? The tech platforms driving more purposeful communication for flexible working

• How to use Feng Shui in your workspace and the best plants for your home office


Issue 08: The Sustainability Issue

The Homeworker Issue 8 sustainability cover
Issue 8: The Sustainability Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• Interesting ways to become more sustainable as individuals and businesses when we work remotely

• How to sustain a positive mindset in challenging times

• Promoting better spiritual health and connection with ourselves in times of uncertainty

• The ten key areas to focus on for improved productivity at home

• Expert insights from an ADHD professor. Using our senses to increase our focus and sustain our concentration when we work from home

• The corporate gate crashers: A personal perspective on how homeworkers have suffered a ‘space invasion’.


Issue 09: The Joy Issue

Issue 09: The Joy Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How to find moments of joy in the everyday

• Creating opportunities for fun and play in your work

• Winning entry: Top tips on how to win awards for your business

• How to keep a remote workforce happy and engaged

• Perfect Posture: How to sit at your desk and top tips from an expert physio.

• How to get a confidence boost when you work alone

• What colour should your home workspace be?

• Embracing work from home life as a parent


Issue 04: The Creativity Issue

the homeworker magazine, become more creative, magazine cover, creative thinking
Issue 4: The Creativity Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How to unlock your creative potential

• The art of creative thinking

• Feature interview with British lifestyle brand, Sophie Allport

• Take a tour of the ultimate home craft space

• The rules of sleep: your best investment

• Overcome perfectionism: the power of art therapy

• Artist profiles on creativity and inspiration

• How to model yourself on big business: insider tips

• The importance of play and tapping into your inner child


Issue 05: The 2020 Vision Issue

the homeworker magazine, issue 5, 2020 vision
Issue 5: The 2020 Vision Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How to reset your clock: get your sleeping, working and eating patterns in sync

• The simple guide to planning your content for maximum productivity

• The best resolutions every freelancer should make

• Why and how to create a vision board that works for you

• Setting goals that feel good and that you will commit to

• How to be your own leader when you work alone

• Looking after your mental health when you work alone at home

• How to work ergonomically at home


Issue 06: The Flex Issue

The HOmeworker magazine cover issue 6: the flex issue, coronavirus and lots of people working from home
Issue 6: The Flex Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How Coronavirus ignited the flexible working conversation: Interview with Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka)

• The psychology of trust – how to build and learn to trust when working remotely

• How to say no and set your boundaries

• Healthy work from home snacks

• Lessons from China – adapting to a ‘new normal’

• How to create a healthier home workspace

• How to lead when your team is remote

• Are you covered? Do you have the right protection for your business?


Issue 1: New beginnings

The Homeworker maagzine, work from home lifestyle, work from home advice, homeworking, self-employment, mindset tips, wellbeing tips
The New Beginnings Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How to combat imposter syndrome

• Pilates workouts at your desk

• How to curb the desk time snacking with mindful eating

• Camera Confidence for the age of digital marketing

• Achieving work-life harmony as a parent

• Understanding Making Tax Digital and how it effects you

• How to create your best morning routine

• The ergonomic home office

• How to zone your desk to optimise productivity


Issue 2: The Money Issue

The Homeworker magazine, money mindset, work from home advice, work from home lifestyle, self-employment, workspace, interior decor
The Money Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• Eight ways to create a more effective to-do list

•Interview with money mindset coach and best-selling author, Denise Duffield-Thomas

• How to create a functional workspace in any room of the house

• How to nurture a growth mindset and realise your true worth

• Seven key considerations for setting your prices right

• How to manage your money with an unpredictable income

• The transition from corporate career to home business

• Organisation systems to keep your desk clear of paper clutter


Issue 3: The Communication Issue​

The Homeworker magazine issue 3 communication, working from home advice, productivity tips, healthy conversations, branding, social media strategy
Issue 3: The Communication Issue

Some of what’s inside:

• How to perfect the art of successful communication

• The best ways to have a healthy conversation when broaching awkward topics

• How to silence your inner critic

•Top productivity tips from a work from home Virtual Assistant

• The power of storytelling: why, where and how to share your story

• How to make your home workspace a safe space

• Owning your voice: tips from a voice actor on overcoming the fear

• The best foods to help you combat stress, anxiety and low energy.



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