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The Homeworker Issue 11 cover

• The neuroscience of habit formation. How to start good habits that stick and break bad ones that no longer serve you

• Email anxiety – how to combat the risk of the email apnoea phenomenon

• Meet The Homeworkers: we speak to a variety of homeworkers of different backgrounds, abilities, ages, and cultures to see how they coped through the global pandemic

• The power of singing for your health – why we all could do with exercising our vocal chords

•  The alternative home office: Meet the lady who works from a tent


• How to strike a better work-life balance

• The delicate balance of negotiation – how to ask for a pay rise and get one

• Creating a more balanced workspace

• Experts discuss how we navigate work life after lockdown

•  How technology is taking over and how we strike the right balance

• How to stop perfectionism destroying your happiness


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• How to find joy throughout even in daily life

• What colour should your home workspace be?

• How to incorporate more ‘play’ into your work

• The art of winning awards for business

• Perfect Posture: How to sit at your desk and top tips from an expert physio.

• How to get a confidence boost when you work alone

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The Homeworker Issue 8 sustainability cover
The Homeworker: Sustainability Issue cover

• How to be more sustainable when you work from home – experts offer suggestions for best practices we can adopt as individuals and businesses.

• How to create a greener home workspace

• How to sustain a positive mindset when you working alone through challenging times

• How to preserve and sustain your energy with an energy hygiene audit

• Essential tipsto boost your productivity at home

• How to engage your brain differently for better focus when working from home.


The Homeworker Magazine Breathe issue cover
The Homeworker: The Breathe issue cover
  • The art of breathing: How to do it correctly and its impact on your performance.
  • How music affects your productivity and what you should be listening to while working from home.
  • The tech platforms helping to create more flexible, purpose-driven business.
  • How to spot the signs of poor mental health when working remotely.
  • The ideal work from home break – the science behind why we all need to get out in the garden.
  • The best plants for your home office.
  • Menopause: what you need to know and how women can work in alignment with their cycle.
The HOmeworker magazine cover issue 6: the flex issue, coronavirus and lots of people working from home
The Homeworker: The Flex issue cover


• Lessons in leadership: how to manage a remote team

• Flex Appeal: the state of flexible working and how Coronavirus will change the landscape.

• The best ergonomic chairs for the home office

• The psychology of trust: how to earn and learn to trust

• How to create a healthy workspace at home

• Quick time management hacks to help you save precious minutes in your day

• Joining the revolution –  a personal perspective on transitioning to working from home

the homeworker magazine, issue 5, 2020 vision
The Homeworker 2020 Vision cover


• Getting your work, sleep and eating patterns in sync

• How to be your own leader and manage yourself effectively from home

•Coping with isolation and loneliness

• How to work ergonomically and set up your home office

•  Succeeding in work and parenting as a work-from-home dad

• Setting effective goals that you will commit to

the homeworker magazine, become more creative, magazine cover, creative thinking
The Homeworker: The Creativity issue cover

• How to unlock your creative potential

• The art of creative thinking

• Feature interview with British lifestyle brand, Sophie Allport

• Take a tour of the ultimate home craft space

• The rules of sleep: your best investment

• Overcome perfectionism: the power of art therapy

• Artist profiles on creativity and inspiration

• How to model yourself on big business: insider tips

• The importance of play and tapping into your inner child

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The Homeworker magazine issue 3 communication, working from home advice, productivity tips, healthy conversations, branding, social media strategy
The Homeworker: The Communication issue cover

• How to perfect the art of successful communication

• The best ways to have a healthy conversation when broaching awkward topics

• How to silence your inner critic

• Learning to listen to what your body is telling you

•Top productivity tips from a work from home Virtual Assistant

• How to make your home workspace a safe space

• Owning your voice: tips from a voice actor on overcoming the fear

• The best foods to help you combat stress, anxiety and low energy.

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