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About Work audio series by The Homeworker


Here are the first interviews we did for a short series about work. From the where, when and how, to the predictions for the future of work, and the changes that are happening right now.

These audio clips are taken from the full interviews, which are all available in our Subscribers Lounge.

The Homeworker talks with Cheney hamilton of Find Your Flex on the future of work

Episode 1: An introduction and overview of current working practices and future vision with Cheney Hamilton

We chat with Cheney Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Find Your Flex and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the future of work. She is passionate about leaving a legacy that means future generations will have the flexibility to do work they love and generate wealth. She also works to educate businesses on how they can operate a more flexible model that allows them to lower fixed costs and recruit the best talent.

The Homeworker with Cheney Hamilton

In this episode:

  • INTRO: Why Cheney Hamilton set up Find Your Flex and her experiences of flexible working.
  • Her desire for change and creating a legacy for anybody looking for flexibility.
  • How modern day work modalities are not fit for purpose for many people – or businesses.
  • The argument for becoming mutable and the benefits for employees and employers.
  • Changes to talent recruitment and the future of jobs.
Lizzie Penny interviewed on The Homeworker

Episode 2: Introducing Workstyle, new ways of thinking about how we work with Lizzie Penny

Lizzie Penny is the co-founder of Hoxby, a business centred on autonomous and individualised working. She also co-authored the Sunday Times best-seller, Workstyle, in which she argues for the widespread adoption of more autonomous working to benefit individuals, companies, and society.

The Homeworker with Lizzie Penny

In this episode:

  • INTRO: How Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst came upon the workstyle concept and how it became life-changing for her health and family.
  • How workstyle can be applied to all types of work, not just knowledge and office-based roles.
  • The way the world has changed but our ways of work have not kept pace.
  • The role of face-to-face communication and collaboration in a digital-first age.
  • Building connections and culture with more individualised working

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